Our services
Maxima Group is one of the largers creamer and sugar sticks production company on the Russian South
Food products distribution business
Maxima LLC owns a wide network of branches accross the South Russia and implements its operations timely and effectively trading in all sales channels
Our main partners
Maxima Group
At present Maxima LLC is an effectively functioning unit within a group of companies specialising in food production and distributive business. Owning a wide infrostructure that includes effective logistics, highly qualified management and well trained sales representatives' teams, Maxima LLC shows constant and healthy growth in annual revenue and company overall size..
Company top management
Highly qualified company executives are graduates of well known Russian, British and Canadian business scholls. This team has has been permanently showing high productivenes since 2010. Today they apply their knowledge and experience to fast paced russian reality.
Distributive business
Maxima LLC is specialising on territory exclusive food product distribution contracts. One of our main partners is «Azersun Holding», which is Azerbaijan leading corporation in the field of food products production, trades and agroculture. Maxima Group owns a developed network of daughter copmanies in major cities like Krasnodar, Stavropol, Cherkessk, Pyatigorsk, Nalchik and Nazran. With thanks to partners active marketing support Maxima is covering the entire russian south.
Aiming to widen our and our partners products presence on the territory of South Russia we follow our own strategies and set realistic goals. This strategy includes constant optimisation and development in customer service, product presence, area coverage, marketing and resources management. Today Maxima LLC employes more than 60 sales representatives working in whole sale and retail channels. We contstantly widen our presence in HoReCa. All sales teams are fully equiped and highly trained. Our active client base is more than 5000 companies. 
Maxima LLC offers food products privadte brand packaging service to a number of well known russian companies. We are proud to offer our clients high quality, durable and eco-friendly packaging. That is one of the main reasons of high volume sales and popularity our products and services along with overall cereals, milk powders and cocoa quality. Our packaging lines has already recommended themselves for accurate weight and precise adjustments. More and more companies trust their products storage to our warehoses.