Production line
Cream Powder
Dry, instant cream "Sladkaya Trapeza"
Dry milk
Dry whole milk «Sladkaya Trapeza"
Potato starch «Sladkaya Trapeza»
All natural Cocoa «Sladkaya Trapeza»
High quality food products
Maxima Group - produces high quality food products under the private label of "Sladkaya Trapeza" and is a leading whole saler of the region.
Sugar Sticks «Sladkaya Trapeza»
Sladkaya Trapeza: sugar sticks are filled with the same high-quality granulated sugar specially packed for your convenience. Their unique new packaging makes it easy to sweeten coffee, tea, or cereal at home or on the go. Available in two varieties: pure cane granulated and a golden brown crunchy sugar

Thanks to convinient packaging our sugar sticks are widely used in cafeterias, bars, restaurants, plains as well as trains: Our sticks are widely used in offices during conferences, presentations and in their day-to-day work. Maxima Group offers you custom design according your preferences. In this case this small sugar stick becomes a large carrier of your company information and style.
Why be our partner?
High quality of products. We work in cooperation only with leading white and brown sugar suppliers
Effective ad compains for our partners and marketing it right
Strickest sanitation requirements in manufacturing